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"Moving on to the actors in this play, there is only three people who take part in the on-stage performance. The actress playing Lena, Taylor Staniforth, did an astonishing job at playing a sour woman with a cynical take on love. I found it so interesting that a character who represents fear of intimacy and loneliness, the embodiment of a blasé attitude on life could bring such big energy to the stage. It all lies with the ability of the actor to engage and keep the audience, and Taylor did a fantastic job at that. Not only does this actress possess plenty of talent, but the chemistry with her co-star was sweet and unexpected."

—Cat Jimenez, Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

"Staniforth showed nice range of vulnerability and determination, albeit a little unorthodox, in the way Nan approaches her conflict with Kyle. Nan’s response to her situation made the unbelievable very funny and almost acceptable. Watching Nan and Kyle argue, fight, plead and charm each other, I could well accept I was watching a couple in a dysfunctional relationship. Staniforth’s dialogue, emotions, movement and manner made me believe Nan was truly a young woman looking for love, romance, and a stable and secure relationship, and showed me that the actress understood the conflicts. Nan’s dedication to the wit and wisdom of President Carter is a fun aspect of this character and adds to her charm. Staniforth’s ability to bring us into Nan’s world, however crazy that might be, and the fervor in which she committed demonstrated her skill."

Exit, Pursued by a Bear | Circle Theatre

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